Catch up…

Over the summer Room 131 have been exhibiting at Cool Cats Cafe (21st June – 22nd August), The Cult House (5 – 6 September), and The Bear (11-14th September).

We have been working hard to understand what it takes to curate, organise, and participate in a successful exhibition. Each and every one of these exhibitions have been important for us to learn our target audience, where we want to go next, and how to develop our work and stretch beyond our comfort zones.

My work in the exhibitions has been primarily about family. What is important to me? Childhood memories, nostalgia and ways of expressing my experiences through the meditative state of sewing. Taking influence from Alice Beasley and Deirdre Scherer, who – by using embroidery – create everyday scenes, such as cats sleeping, or people sat on the street. Bringing such a sight that is over looked by many but highly concentrated on by the artists they has inspired me to do the same with my memories. Bringing light to the overlooked, or bringing life to something existing in my memory.

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Here are some snaps from the exhibitions…

Cool Cats:


The Cult House:


The Bear:







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